Welcome to the place where writing and healing intertwine, creating a haven where the power of language mends the soul.


The Write Legacy is a literary house that is passionate about bringing inspirational and transformative stories to life, ensuring that each piece of literature leaves a lasting impact on readers. Our Legacy books encompass a diverse range of genres, including anthologies, memoirs, devotionals, journals, poetry, self-help, Christian fiction, and children’s literature. Additionally, we offer The Write to Heal®, a ministry comprised of biblical inner healing ministry and guided expressive writing.


Meet Ashley Witcher, the creative force behind The Write Legacy and The Write to Heal®. As a devoted wife and mother, she wears multiple hats, excelling as an author, mentor, Prophet, publisher, and writing coach. With over 12 years in ministry, Ashley has served in various capacities, including minister, prophetic teacher, intercessor, praise team leader, administrative assistant, and photographer. Fueled by a deep commitment to uplift and strengthen the Kingdom of God, she seamlessly merges her extensive ministry background with her writing expertise, dedicating herself to bringing healing and deliverance to wounded souls.


Crafting your personal legacy begins with acknowledging the profound impact your words can have on the world. Introducing our publishing service, The Write to Publish Essentials Package – Where your words become a literary masterpiece effortlessly.Our Essentials Package encompasses all the vital elements required to transform your manuscript into a bestselling book:

ISBN Assignment

Copyright Application

Full Manuscript Evaluation and Critique

Comprehensive Editing

eBook Formatting and Conversion

Author Bio Development

Custom Book Cover

Book Description Development

Expanded Book Distribution

Countdown to Launch Marketing Kit

Amazon KDP Setup

Ready to Publish

The Write to Heal® is a ministry focused on biblical inner healing and restoration utilizing guided expressive writing as a tool of excavation.

What is inner healing?

The practice that seeks the restoration of broken places through reconciliation with God, neighbor, and self.

What is expressive writing?

Expressive writing is a form of therapy in which individuals write about their thoughts and feelings related to a personally stressful or traumatic life experience.

Who is The Write to Heal® for?

Someone who seeks spiritual healing and personal growth through a faith-based, compassionate community, values the transformative power of writing, and desires to integrate biblical principles and the teachings of Jesus Christ into their journey towards empowerment, encouragement, and lasting positive impact.

Are you ready to begin your healing journey?


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